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Our Policies

The Directors and the Management Team are committed totally to the management of all health, safety, environmental and quality issues throughout the Company and have established and implemented dedicated management systems that are best practise and will maintain a safe working environment for all.

We work closely with all of our customers to ensure that health, safety, quality and environmental issues are top of our agenda. We strive for continual improvements within the services that we provide.

Health and safety

The company believes that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within its overall business plan – a good health and safety record goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards.

People are the most important asset to this company, and therefore we are totally committed to ensuring their health, safety and welfare at all times.

From an economic point of view, the company believes that prevention is not only better, but cheaper than cure. There is no necessary conflict between humanitarian and commercial consideration. Profits and safety are not in competition. On the contrary, safety is good business.

From a legal perspective, the company is committed to ensuring that it complies with all relevant health and safety legislation. Where it is reasonably practicable to do so, the company will strive to go beyond the requirements of legislation.

The company is committed to ongoing monitoring and review processes, so that continual improvement in the management of health and safety can be achieved.

Lewis Nunn, Managing Director, 10th February 2011.

Environmental policy

Groundlevel recognises its responsibility towards the protection of the environment and will conduct its activities in order to minimise impact. Groundlevel will:

“Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
Reduce the creation of waste by adopting improved operating practices and by recycling materials whenever practical.
Ensure all waste and hazardous materials are disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
Minimise the use of hazardous materials, wherever possible.
Communicate our commitment to staff, customers, suppliers and business partners.
Ensure all on-site procedures to minimise noise disturbance to neighbours are adhered to.
Continually seek to improve our environmental performance through improved practices and the use of alternative materials.”

Malcolm Agar, Operations Director, 10th February 2011.